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Happy New Year

loha Friday and Happy New Year. Remember the song by Neil Sedaka “calendar girl”? I present NexGen Technology’s version of the song ? wishing everyone who has been a part of our 2021 an amazing and successful 2022!

We love, we love, we love our customers yeah, each and every day of the year!

January, you start the year off fine
February, you’re our valentine
March, you placed our kiosks on every aisle
April, everything about them makes us smile

Yeah, yeah, we’re grateful for you
We love, we love, we love our customers oh so true, each and every day of the year

May, made money leis for their graduates
June, the leis were awesome and were major hits
July, lots of firecrackers all a glow
August, NexGen products they steal the show

Yeah, yeah, we love love you, you’ve made our products famous, tried and true, each and every day of the year

September, prepping, scheduling for G2E
October, Customers loved our NexGen-TailGator football party
November, grateful, thankful for all of you
December, ringing in the New Year 22’

Yeah, yeah, you gave us our start, we love, we love, we love you so with all of our hearts, every day, every month, of the year!!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

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Aloha Friday Everyone!!!

Partners, Allies, Comrades, Team, Friends and Ohana/Family…words We, at NexGen Technology, have the amazing honor and privilege of using with NCR, Tribalhub, & POYNT-Go Daddy. Our partnership with each company has provided us the opportunities to design, develop, display, and deploy new and revolutionary technology within the gaming industry. A huge Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Danke, Dziękuję, धन्यवाद, Dhanyavad, 谢谢Xie’ Xie’,谢谢中文xiè xiè zhōng wén, Toda Raba,