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One Recycler, Multiple Functions

ALOHA Friday! Remember the sayings “Take a picture it lasts longer”, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and now my favorite: PICTURE IT…

ONE Kiosk with recycler technology providing multiple features & functionalities…I’m not talking the standard Ticket Redemption, Bill Breaking, ATM, CCCA, POS Debit, Check Cashing, and Ticket Generation in Lieu of Coin/Cash…I’m talking

ONE Kiosk with Recycler Technology for your Casino Patrons, Employees, Slots, Tables, F&B, Hotel, Valet, Cage Cashiers…

PICTURE IT… NexGen Technology revolutionizing a DATED Kiosk providing multiple functions in ONE Recycler

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And this is the reason why we are PARTNERS with NCR.

NexGen Technology…we may be a SMALL company within the gaming industry…but we have a LARGE footprint deployed in the retail, banking, and the first and remains the ONLY deployed within the gaming industry! We didn’t build a “Full-Service KIOSK” from scratch nor did we utilize the same ole DATED technology/equipment of swapping cash cassettes, utilizing Bill Validators, and using third party service technicians.

Instead, we revolutionized one with RECYCLER technology, eliminated the Bill Validator, and have NCR certified service technicians.

#innovation#NCR#NexGenTechnology#partners#gamingindustry#banking#retail#1partnership#recyclertechnology#casinos#gamingindustryRoyal Banks of Missouri595 followers2d • 2 days agoFollowConnecting with clients is of utmost important to our team. Our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) allow us to connect with clients safely and efficiently. Read the full article below and try out our ITMs today!

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Its An Amazing Aloha Friday

It’s an amazing ALOHA FRIDAY here at NexGen Technology. We LOVE the ALOHA spirit of our new customers!!! We appreciate your LOVE for our Fast Cash Mobile Unit and we are LOVING the feedback you share!!!

NexGen Technology loves designing, developing, and deploying revolutionary technology that customers LOVE to offer their casino patrons.

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Aloha Friday Everyone:

Want to keep your Table Game Players in their seats? Want to provide a FAST process for your Table Game Players to purchase chips at the Table? Want to increase hands/play and see your President, CFO, VP Table Games, Director show their ALOHA spirit for the increased revenue? Want a product for your Tables that is Wireless, Mobile, with it’s own Printer vs. Hardwired to a Printer, PC, or Monitor?

NexGen Technology Revolutionized your WANTS with the Fast Cash Mobile Unit…because we know what YOU and your Table Game Players WANT!

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FIRST and ONLY Recycler Based Full-Service Kiosk

NexGen Technology created, developed, and deployed the FIRST and ONLY Recycler Based Full-Service Kiosk for the Gaming Industry – NexGen83

Table Games – NexGen Technology created, developed, and deployed a 100% Wireless, 100% Mobile, and 100% Cashless solution to purchase chips at the Table

NexGen Technology Revolutionized Dated Full Service Kiosks and Created Cashless Technology for Table Games by Revolutionary experienced Gaming Executives.