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Happy New Year

loha Friday and Happy New Year. Remember the song by Neil Sedaka “calendar girl”? I present NexGen Technology’s version of the song ? wishing everyone who has been a part of our 2021 an amazing and successful 2022!

We love, we love, we love our customers yeah, each and every day of the year!

January, you start the year off fine
February, you’re our valentine
March, you placed our kiosks on every aisle
April, everything about them makes us smile

Yeah, yeah, we’re grateful for you
We love, we love, we love our customers oh so true, each and every day of the year

May, made money leis for their graduates
June, the leis were awesome and were major hits
July, lots of firecrackers all a glow
August, NexGen products they steal the show

Yeah, yeah, we love love you, you’ve made our products famous, tried and true, each and every day of the year

September, prepping, scheduling for G2E
October, Customers loved our NexGen-TailGator football party
November, grateful, thankful for all of you
December, ringing in the New Year 22’

Yeah, yeah, you gave us our start, we love, we love, we love you so with all of our hearts, every day, every month, of the year!!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

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Aloha Friday Everyone!!!

Partners, Allies, Comrades, Team, Friends and Ohana/Family…words We, at NexGen Technology, have the amazing honor and privilege of using with NCR, Tribalhub, & POYNT-Go Daddy. Our partnership with each company has provided us the opportunities to design, develop, display, and deploy new and revolutionary technology within the gaming industry. A huge Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Danke, Dziękuję, धन्यवाद, Dhanyavad, 谢谢Xie’ Xie’,谢谢中文xiè xiè zhōng wén, Toda Raba,


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NexGen83 is the first and only full-service kiosk with recycler technology designed, developed, and deployed in casinos. Reduce labor hours, reduce the cost of cash, reduce cash liability, reduce processes, eliminated the BV/Stacker, and experienced certified NCR service technicians by NCR. Let NexGen reduce and eliminate costs while increasing EBITDA with the NexGen83 full-service kiosk with RECYCLER technology.
NexGen Technology | TribalHub | TribalNet | Michelle Bouschor | Hina Reed

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NexGen Technology Revolutionary Technology

Aloha Friday!!! WOW…what a week…

I have seen, heard, and experienced first hand from external and internal customers the different types of “cashless” “contactless” and “digital wallet” solutions this past week.
1. The customer had to register, enroll, or upload an app before they could use it
2. No detailed instructions were provided on how to upload, download the app or funds to purchase
3. Several employees were asked how to use it and only 1 provided an answer to the question the customer had.
4. The internet kept dropping – can you hear me now was actually used and the customers laughed
5. Fees were charged numerous times
6. No incentives for the employees, who usually received tips, were given
7. Some solutions were quick, the majority were not
8. Those who had a language barrier didn’t utilize the technology

NexGen Technology revolutionized a product that is for casino patrons and employees. Because…we believe external and internal customers should be treated the same.

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And this is the reason why we are PARTNERS with NCR.

NexGen Technology…we may be a SMALL company within the gaming industry…but we have a LARGE footprint deployed in the retail, banking, and the first and remains the ONLY deployed within the gaming industry! We didn’t build a “Full-Service KIOSK” from scratch nor did we utilize the same ole DATED technology/equipment of swapping cash cassettes, utilizing Bill Validators, and using third party service technicians.

Instead, we revolutionized one with RECYCLER technology, eliminated the Bill Validator, and have NCR certified service technicians.

#innovation#NCR#NexGenTechnology#partners#gamingindustry#banking#retail#1partnership#recyclertechnology#casinos#gamingindustryRoyal Banks of Missouri595 followers2d • 2 days agoFollowConnecting with clients is of utmost important to our team. Our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) allow us to connect with clients safely and efficiently. Read the full article below and try out our ITMs today!

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Aloha Friday!!! COVID19 continues to place hardships within the gaming industry, labor shortage, Covid19 contact tracing, availability of vaccinations and weekly/bi-weekly COVID19 testing. NexGen83 Full-Service Kiosk with Recycler technology CONTINUES to ASSIST with the Labor Shortage…

Why swap out cash cassettes when you can conduct an “add fill”?
Why count returned funds from the swapped cash cassettes when you can conduct an “add fill”?
Why obtain a secured key when you can conduct an “add fill”?
Why DROP the BV, count tickets and bills when NexGen eliminated the BV and recycled the cash into the cash cassettes?

NexGen Technology REVOLUTIONIZED the WHY and Kicked COVID19’s Labor Shortage in the OKOLEI!


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NexGen83 Amidst COVID19 Hiring Concerns

Aloha Weekend! I visited several casinos this weekend. With the COVID19 Variant masks have been mandated, filling open positions within the casino industry has been a huge concern, and we are seeing a shortage of products utilized in restaurants, retail, and casinos. It is causing venues to close early, restaurants to reduce seating capacity, and not all full-service kiosks are enabled due to lack of employees, time it takes to drop/fill, along with the cash liability.

NexGen83 Full-Service Kiosk with Recycler technology and front load aperture provides the ability to keep all of your units on the floor enabled. The front load aperture provides the ability to conduct fills with less cash and labor. The elimination of the Bill Validators and cash cans/stackers provides less equipment to rely on.

NexGen Technology revolutionized the Full-Service Kiosk because COVID19 has nothing on the NexGen83 with Recycler and front load Technology!!! TIME TO CHANGE DATED FULL-SERVICE KIOSKS to RECYCLER FULL-SERVICE KIOSKS

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NexGen83 Full-Service Kiosk with Recycler Technology

Aloha Friday Everyone…you’ve heard the saying “it is not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that counts”…
So true with Full-Service Kiosks on a gaming floor. They all have the same 1 or 2 Bill Validators, cash cassettes you have to drop/fill, bill breaking – inserting 1 bill at a time to break, inserting 1 ticket until the BV turns color to insert another one…

Like the doll box in the picture below…same box, different doll inside, NexGen83 is the ONLY full service kiosk with recycler technology deployed on the casino floor.

Front Load Aperture with automated inventory, Insert multiple bills to break at the same time, Insert multiple tickets to redeem at the same time, Eliminated BV’s, Processes, Equipment…

NexGen Technology revolutionized the “Ole Saying…it is definitely what’s on the inside that counts!!!

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Waves of Change – NexGen83 FSK

Sometimes in the WAVES of change Casinos find new beginnings and a Casino made the change with the NexGen83 Full Service Kiosk with Recycler technology. Exciting!

Changing the Casino’s DATED kiosks of dual bill validators, dual stackers, and manual entries TO Recycler Technology and Automation.

Changing the Casino’s DATED processes of swapping partial/empty with impressed cash cassettes TO Recycler Technology and Front Load Aperture

Changing the Casino’s DATED Costs of Cash, Cash Liability, and Labor TO Recycler and Revolutionary Technology.

NexGen Technology making WAVES with the NexGen83 Full-Service Kiosk with Revolutionary Recycler Technology…