NexGen Machine


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The gaming industry’s first recycler-based ATM/Ticket Redemption Kiosk.

The cutting edge of payment technology

Utilizing NexGen’s Patent Pending technology, the NexGen83 is able to process, ATM, Credit, Debit, Slot Tickets and Bill Break transaction without the use of bill validators.

Bunch Note Capability

Ability to accept and redeem multiple slot tickets in a single transaction

Validates All Notes

Eliminates the possibility of cross loads

Cashless Gaming Ready

Ability for customers to seamlessly load funds onto any cashless gaming system with cash or ATM transaction

Front Load Capability

Has the ability to accept bundled cash via the aperture for cassette loading

24/7 Live Monitoring

NexGen Helpdesk monitors its fleet in real time allowing us to take a proactive approach to technical service

Self-healing Capability

Up to 70% of all technical issues are resolved online

NexGen 83